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July 04, 2022

How Does Geofencing In Grand Rapids Work With A Home Security System?

The latest residential security options are becoming increasingly more intelligent. Even so, it’s still easy to neglect to perform simple security tasks like arming your a home security system, shutting the garage door, or locking all your doors.

What if you didn’t have to concern yourself with these tasks ever again? When utilizing geofencing in Grand Rapids, you won’t need to.

What is Geofencing In Grand Rapids For Home Security Systems?

Geofencing generates a virtual perimeter a set distance from your residence, which you may set up in your cell phone app. This modern home security option then tracks your phone to deduce when you go beyond the border and then puts in motion pre-programmed actions or notifications.

What Makes Geofencing Work?

Geofencing relies on z-wave, a home automation protocol that smart implements utilize to share information with other connected equipment. The technology assists your home security by centralizing all elements onto one, unified network. You are then able to set up a unique boundary along the perimeter of your home and assign particular actions when you go past the boundary.

To illustrate, shortly after you exit your premises, you may set your security system to engage door locks, close the garage, and switch the alarm back on. Then, when you arrive home for the evening, geofencing can inform your system to disengage the alarm, raise the garage door, turn on lights, and even alter your your temperature settings.

Here are several of the devices you can manage with geofencing:

● Smart lighting and plugs

● Smart thermostats

● Security alarms and cameras

● Various electronics including speakers or TVs

● Garage doors

Custom Geofencing, Schedules, And Scenes Are At Your Fingertips With Your Mobile Security App

Geofencing is only one of a variety of ways you can utilize your home security system in Grand Rapids. When you download the security app, you can do a lot with automation. With just a few taps of the app interface, and you are able to:

● Program schedules: set your smart components to operate at predetermined times. Direct various lights to dim to indicate that it's time to turn in for the night, or disarm your alarms the first thing in the morning.

● Control device interactions: Make certain equipment engage based on another activity. Instruct your thermostat to switch on the fan if the fire alarm is set off. Or switch on your hall’s smart light if your security camera notices abnormal activity in the yard.

● Set a scene: Create scenes featuring various devices that all act in harmony together. Have your lighting lower, the A/C go down, and the locks bolt when the day is done. Or customize a scene for TV night with preset light and temperature adjustments.

● Geofence your security: There may be times when you fail to set your alarm system as you're running late for work. With geofencing technology and your cell phone, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to switch on the alarm and shut the garage door.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Geofencing in Grand Rapids

Whether you’re looking for added peace-of-mind of a safe, secure home whenever you drive away or you wish to automate your smart home technology, geofencing can help. Talk to a skilled member of our team today at (616) 207-3771 or send in the form below to start designing your optimal security system.